The POLO is the DOLE’s overseas operating arm in the implementation of Philippine labor policies and programs for the protection of the rights and promotion of the welfare and interests of Filipinos working overseas.


The POLO shall be a Center of Care and Excellence. It shall provide, in a socially responsible and ethical manner, essential and responsive services to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to protect their rights and promote their welfare. In pursuit of this mandate, the POLO shall focus on the following key areas, namely: employment protection and facilitation, provision of welfare services, promotion of reintegration program and services, and labor market monitoring and development.


  • Ensure the protection of the rights and promote the welfare and interests of OFWs and assist them on all problems arising out of employer-employee relationship;
  • Implement the DOLE’s overseas employment program in a manner consistent with the Government’s overall policy thrust;
  • Verify employment contracts and other employment-related documents including the accreditation of foreign principals;
  • Closely monitor and report to the Home Office (HO) labor market situations and policy developments in the host country that may affect OFWs and Philippine labor policies;
  • Actively pursue, in  coordination with the Head of Post and under his or her supervision, the crafting of bilateral labor agreements development of new policies or amending existing ones with pertinent agencies of the host  government in order to improve the labor conditions and develop the employment opportunities for Overseas Filipino Workers;
  • Pursue need-based community development and relations program, and engage in socio-cultural activities organized by the Philippine government, host country, Filipino organizations and other entities;
  • Promote and initiate the implementation of reintegration programs for OFWs at post in coordination with NRCO and OWWA. This  shall include training programs attuned with TESDA’s qualifications standards; and
  • Perform other functions as may be directed by the Secretary  of Labor and employment.